myThings and Google: Combining the Power of Real-Time Bidding, Personalised Retargeting and Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange

December 2011

The combined power of myThings' sophisticated retargeting strategies and the enhanced, real-time data from Google's AdX marketplace have proven a potent blend. myThings' and Google's server-to-server integration allows for uniquely accurate bidding information for individual impressions. Thanks to these advanced capabilities, myThings now boasts CTRs six times higher than with regular display ads.


Deliver excellent conversion rates on uniquely tailored display ads, micro-optimised in real-time to each prospect

Provide advertisers with higher accuracy bids and increased campaign performance

Achieve greater scalability, traffic and reach


Adopted DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX) for RTB

Integrated Ad Exchange’s RTB API with myThings’ platform

Went live with RTB September 2010


Click-through rates six times higher than regular display banners

Higher online revenues with return conversion rates of over 150%

Increased campaign traffic volume and reach

Greater scalability and immediate media presence in new and important markets

Automation is the key to taking your search marketing from good to great