Nedbank optimises Search and Display campaigns on Google

September 2015

Nedbank Insurance specialises in business insurance and personal short and long term insurance and investments. The company enlisted the help of digital agency Flume to initiate an online marketing and search strategy. "It became clear that buyer behaviour amongst our customers had pivoted to focus more on digital and e-commerce platforms as the preferred channels to shop for insurance," explains Tawanda Chatikobo, Nedbank Insurance's Digital Manager. "This fundamental change in customer behaviour meant we had to become more responsive and tech savvy, to enable a positive digital customer experience."

Because Nedbank is traditionally associated with banking rather than insurance, the team aimed to grow awareness of the Nedbank Insurance brand in the digital space within ambitious cost per lead targets. Flume launched search campaigns on Google AdWords and display campaigns on the Google Display Network.

"Our search engine marketing objective is laser focused on return on investment," Tawanda explains. "Google search and display allow for broad reach, but also continuous optimisation to ensure there isn't a lot of wastage as the media targets the right customers who are looking for insurance. Display helped with our brand visibility and awareness. To make this even more targeted and performance based, we used remarketing as an effective tool."

Meanwhile, insights gathered from search traffic drove improvements to the Nedbank Insurance site itself. "We were able to optimise the usability of the website based on search traffic and conversion goals to ensure users had the best experience when looking for insurance."



The results demonstrate the work has more than paid off. Cost per lead has consistently been driven downwards, dropping by 54% since the launch of the brand's digital strategy. Traffic to Nedbank Insurance has increased exponentially; in fact, average month on month growth is nearly 10%.

"We see the value in search and display advertising and its effectiveness in driving results," affirms Tawanda. "Using Google has allowed us to significantly increase the visibility of the Nedbank Insurance offering, and has made us more accessible to existing and potential new customers. The customer journey in finding out about Nedbank Insurance, getting the right product information, making an informed choice and getting a quote has been streamlined. Our strategy has allowed us to take a targeted approach to market to potential customers, with a much improved user experience."

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