Plumbworld boosts return on ad spend by 23X and sees 4,000 new shoppers in store (in less than a month)

September 2018

The marketing team at Plumbworld had been running their own Google Shopping campaigns, but were looking for new ways to achieve incremental traffic and sales for their online-only business. Plumbworld launched a project with PriceJoy, the turnkey comparison shopping service (CSS) from Sales & Orders.

About Sales & Orders

End-to-end Shopping ads feed and campaign management solution

Launched in 2015

About PriceJoy

Comparison shopping service (CSS)

Launched by Sales & Orders in 2018

Certified Google CSS Partner


Online-only bathroom products retailer

Founded in 1999


Reduce manual tasks such as feed setup and bid management

Improve Shopping campaign performance

Increase return on ad spend while maintaining lower average cost per conversion


Generated and managed dedicated CSS product feed

Created and structured granular Shopping campaigns


23X return on ad spend in less than a month

70% lower average cost per click than previous approach

4,000 new shoppers to store

Doubled profitable revenue against total ad cost

With the combined power of PriceJoy (a Certified Google CSS Partner) and Sales & Orders (a Google Premier Partner), Plumbworld could begin listing their products on Shopping ads via the PriceJoy CSS rather than via Google Shopping with zero effort from the internal team.

By linking directly to Plumbworld’s existing product feed, PriceJoy ran the products through its feed tool and got them approved in Google Merchant Center. Then, using the advanced tools within Sales & Orders, the team created optimally structured Shopping campaigns with granularity.

“Since the very beginning we have been committed to providing nothing less than our very best for the merchants we support. Now, as a Google CSS Partner, we have an opportunity to go even further and do even more for merchants in and selling to EU countries. It is incredibly exciting to be part of such a grand shift in this market.”

– Gregg Hanan, President, Sales & Orders and PriceJoy

Thanks to bidding and performance analysis at the product level and automation within the PriceJoy platform, Plumbworld saw great results in less than a month of the campaigns going live. As well as a surge in new shoppers at a profitable revenue level compared to overall ad spend, Plumbworld recorded a 70% more cost efficient average cost per click than the old approach.

“The setup process with Sales & Orders was very straightforward and the communication and support was first class,” says Plumbworld CEO James Hickman. “To be honest, I was quite sceptical to start with, but the results speak for themselves – significant extra traffic at a lower cost per click and a return on ad spend of 23X!”

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