How the democratisation of creativity has changed advertising

Chaka Sobhani / November 2019

The agency and advertising landscape is in flux – but where some see disruption, others see opportunity. These are the game changers, industry shapers and trailblazers. In our ‘Out Of Office’ series, we interview agency leaders about what’s next.

In this episode, Leo Burnett's Chief Creative Officer, Chaka Sobhani, joins Matt Bush, Google’s Managing Director of Agencies & Partners, for an early morning conversation at the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park.

Watch Chaka Sobhani’s interview with Matt Bush.

Find out how one of advertising’s most celebrated creatives is championing a more open dialogue between brands and audiences, why she thinks some talent is made for YouTube, and how navigation is key in a 'golden age' of content.

3 key take-aways from Chaka:

  1. Creativity has never been more democratic
    The wonderful thing about the last 15 years has been the democratisation of creating. Now it’s not just a hallowed few who get the chance to do it. I was an early adopter of YouTube, and one of the things that always interested me was that the people on it wouldn’t necessarily have been given a voice before.
  2. Navigation comes first
    How we navigate audiences and deliver them content is one of the more interesting questions we have right now. Do they want to be pushed? Do they want to be excited? How can we better help them, and how much can we push them? What’s for certain is there’s more content than ever before, and audiences are benefiting from a return to creativity.
  3. Agencies should be as diverse as their audiences
    It’s so layered and the solutions aren’t easy, but if representation isn’t at the heart of your business, you’re a dinosaur. And you’ll become extinct very quickly. What we need is an open, two-way conversation to ensure there’s a diversity of representation in the industry.

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