Why an agency is nothing more than its culture

Thomas Byrne / November 2019

The agency and advertising landscape is in flux – but where some see disruption, others see opportunity. These are the game changers, industry shapers and trailblazers. Introducing our new ‘Out Of Office’ series, where we interview agency industry leaders about what’s next.

In this episode, Thomas Byrne, EVP of Merkle, joins Matt Bush, Google’s Managing Director of Agencies & Partners, at the StolenSpace Gallery, London.

Watch Thomas Byrne’s interview with Matt Bush.

Watch to see how one of advertising’s key thought leaders is focusing on agency culture and rethinking how best to deliver value for both customers and clients.

3 key take-aways from Thomas:

1. Customers must be treated with respect

Historically, an organisation’s value sat within their brand equity. Now it sits within their customer data. You have to treat your customer the same way that you would any relationship. If it’s honourable, and it’s done with integrity, you should have nothing to fear.

2. Culture is the foundation of all good work

An agency is nothing more than its culture. To deliver the greatest value to your clients, you have to ensure that there’s a culture within your business that gives people a sense of purpose. Their views and opinions should be heard, providing an environment in which everyone can flourish.

3. Inclusive pay should be a top priority

There’s two elements at play: is there pay inequality across the organisation? And is there a gender pay gap? At Merkle, we're making strides to fill both of these gaps – it’s still not right but we have almost no pay inequality, which I’m very proud of.

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