Why change is on every agency client’s agenda

Philippa Brown / November 2019

The agency and advertising landscape is in flux – but where some see disruption, others see opportunity. These are the game changers, industry shapers and trailblazers. Welcome to ‘Out Of Office’, a series in which we interview eight agency leaders about what’s next

In this episode, Philippa Brown, CEO of PHD Worldwide (and formerly Omnicom Media Group), joins Matt Bush, Google’s Managing Director of Agencies & Partners, at the Google Digital Garage in Manchester.

Watch Philippa Brown's interview with Matt Bush.

Watch now to see how one of advertising’s most respected leaders is balancing the relationship between data, technology and creativity.

3 key take-aways from Philippa

  1. The digital world requires continuous learning
    You can’t just do a course and say, “I’ve done it”. With digital media, everything is always changing. It means that we have to keep investing in our people and embrace new technology. It’s what clients expect.
  2. Diversity is a business priority
    For too long, we as an industry weren’t brave enough. We thought, “If you’ve been to university and to a posh school, you must be the best.” We didn’t really look at the business case behind diversity. Now it’s a proven thing.
  3. Data is the future for agencies
    The evolution of the industry is on every client’s agenda. They’re all saying that they’ve got lots of data and they don’t know what to do with it, whether that’s monetising it or just using it for more effective marketing. That’s what we’re trying to help with.

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Out Of Office video series: U.K. agency leaders talk industry change