Why the advertising ecosystem doesn’t always require agencies

Rob Pierre / November 2019

The agency and advertising landscape is in flux – but where some see disruption, others see opportunity. These are the game changers, industry shapers and trailblazers. Welcome to ‘Out Of Office’, a series in which we interview eight agency industry leaders about what’s next.

In this episode, Rob Pierre, CEO of Jellyfish, joins Matt Bush, Google’s Managing Director of Agencies & Partners, at Rob’s own Pudding Lane restaurant, MBER, in London.

Watch Rob Pierre’s interview with Matt Bush.

Watch to see how one of advertising’s top minds is moving from a traditional agency model to one of a ‘digital partner’ to brands.

3 key take-aways from Rob:

  1. Think like a digital partner
    We’ve always talked about being ‘the biggest boutique agency’, but that idea is coming to a natural end. Now, we’re evolving into a ‘digital partner’, where agency services are combined with consultancy, training and technology to fulfil any brand’s digital needs.
  2. Brands increasingly want to own their data
    For some brands, their data is more valuable than their product or service. Nowadays, through data, brands can seek out a specific audience and put the right message in front of them. It’s understandable that they’re going to want to own that.
  3. Modern agencies must stay on their toes
    It’s all change across the industry, which means your decisions should always be current. I say to everybody, “Don’t tell me what I’ve said before” because with new technology, new experiences and more data, you have to be ready to change course and pivot accordingly.

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