Squared Online

Who is it for? 

Squared Online is suitable for a wide-group, anyone from entrepreneurs to brand marketers who are looking to upskill in digital. It’s even great for grads looking for the best possible start to a career in marketing!

As well as being a h2 option for individual client and agency partners, we also run scaled solutions for specific clients via bespoke cohorts tailored to their particular organisational needs.

What will I get out of it?

With 95% of students more confident in digital strategy and execution after graduating, Squared Online is the award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed by Google in partnership with Home Learning College. Guided by industry experts, you will experience a unique, practical and collaborative approach to learning over a 5 month period. 

How does it work? 

You will learn about the digital landscape as a whole and digital marketing practices incl. how to apply them, strategically, to a business challenge or brief response.

The course will be delivered via weekly live classes on a wide range of topics from analytics and adwords to leadership and creativity. You will also work effectively in virtual teams, leading and coordinating projects in order to build collaborative leadership skills. 

Squared Online Time Commitment:

5 month paid program with 6 hour time investment per week

Sign up for Squared Online here: 

Visit the Squared Online Website

How often will Squared Online be run:

We have a new cohort each month!

What are people saying about it?

‘It’s been a huge success, and a really very tangible demonstration of the value of our partnership. I think the wider group will want to embrace it too this year.’

Ben Wood, Global President, iProspect, DAN Network on the bespoke NEXTGen cohort of Squared Online

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