Brand Activation Lab Overview

A 2-day workshop that helps you create consumer centric, digital-first marketing strategies for today’s customer journey.


  • Brand Activation Lab is a 2-day workshop on creating consumer centric, digital-first marketing strategies for today’s customer journey
  • You’ll get to build a campaign prototype and action plan through a step by step design sprint process
  • It’s a unique opportunity for you, your agencies and Google to collaborate on the creation of a strategic roadmap for that prototype, and finetune ways of working together as you build it
Brand Solutions Masterclass Overview - 1

After the Lab you’ll be able to:

  • Adopt a truly user-centric approach to digital marketing that will help you achieve your business and brand objectives
  • Identify relevant digital touchpoints across the entire consumer journey
  • Make the most of audience signals to communicate the right message to the right person at the right moment
  • Draw up a content plan to engage consumers through tailored messages and dynamic creative
  • Brief partners and suppliers more effectively to make the most of the unique opportunities digital opens up
  • Refine and ultimately implement your campaign prototype
“Impactful cross-functional collaboration, excellent facilitators, direct application to my brand.”

- Devon Gillis, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola

You’ll come away with:

  • A working prototype for the digital side of an upcoming campaign for you to further iterate, sharpen and then launch
  • Actionable, user-centric, always-on frameworks around data signals and sources, content creation, media formats, measurement, planning and briefing processes
  • New KPIs that work offline as well as online - and across the full journey – and which help you achieve your business goals
  • A strategic roadmap that pinpoints concrete actions and commitments to further develop and iterate the prototype
  • New ways of working in a digital-first landscape to overcome legacy challenges and traditional mindsets
Brand Solutions Masterclass Overview - 2
“Thanks for investing in us – the relationship between Absa, our agencies and Google is going from strength to strength and we're starting to see results.”

- Casey Monteiro, Social Media Manager, Absa

To find out more about taking part in a Brand Activation Lab, contact your Google Sales Rep.

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