Brand Solutions Masterclass


GET: Experienced marketers that aspire to build stronger skills for digital branding

TO: Learn how to get the full value of digital across the entire customer journey

BY: Building a consumer centric marketing campaign together in a multi-disciplinary team 

Who is it for?

This program is designed for marketers with 6-12 years’ experience from client, creative and media agency backgrounds working in teams of 5 alongside their Google representative.

The course is designed to educate generalist brand marketers who do not have much specialist digital knowledge. Similarly the agency attendees should ideally be Planning Directors, Strategy Directors or Account Directors; not digital specialists

What will I get out of it?

You will learn: • How user-centric marketing helps you achieve your business and brand objectives • To identify all relevant touch points across the increasingly complex consumer journey • To make the most of audience signals to communicate to the right people on the right moments • To create a content plan and use the right media formats to engage with people through tailored messages • To track and evaluate your brand campaigns against the right business objectives and KPIs • To brief partners and suppliers sharper and navigate the increased complexity of your relations with them

By the end of the programme you will be able to articulate short, mid & long term actions to apply the consumer centric and digital 1st frameworks used in the course

How does it work?

Cross-discipline teams of 5 will work together for 2 full days to create a clear consumer centric plan by going through a set of exercises and frameworks that tap into the timeless knowledge of building brands, but also offer a unique digital lense to things. It is basically brand building with a digital twist, so you learn to make best use of all new digital capabilities. 

How long is the course?

2 full days 

Where is it running?

London, Hamburg, Paris and Dubai

When does it run?

We schedule a number of courses each quarter across the locations above

How to apply:

Simply contact your Google Sales Representative, and they will get the ball rolling for you.

What are people saying about it?


"Thank you for the brand challenge days, it’s probably one of the most useful and thought provoking digital courses I've attended. I've already been singing the praises to everyone back here at Virgin"

Victoria Baker - Head of Marketing - Current Accounts and Protection - Virgin Money

Squared Guru