How BBC and Essence helped the FT find new subscribers

The BBC and Essence efficiently drove subscriptions for the FT using DoubleClick’s Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists.

Drive FT subscriptions
Target key audience segments on premium inventory
Prevent media wastage
Sold campaign through DoubleClick Ad Exchange
Employed Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists
66% of ads were in view
22% increase in users in target frequency range
18% increase in users who subscribed to the FT having been exposed to the campaign

In partnership with digital agency Essence, the BBC offered the FT an efficient new way to drive consumers to subscribe. Essence collaborated with the BBC to utlise DoubleClick’s Programmatic Guaranteed with Audience Lists, which meant they, on behalf of the FT, could access premium inventory that wouldn’t be available through the open exchange, target key segments within the BBC audience and exclude current FT subscribers from exposure to the campaign.

How the Financial Times gained more subscribers using DoubleClick
"DoubleClick Ad Exchange has a global presence to deliver us service whenever and wherever we need it."

- David Goddard, Global Head of Programmatic Trading, BBC Worldwide

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