CUnet drives quality lead volume through call extensions

September 2013

CUnet, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions to colleges and universities, uses a mix of traditional outreach and technology-based recruitment tools to support enrollment efforts. CUnet saw an opportunity to evolve its digital marketing efforts to incorporate click to call, making it easier for potential students to convert while on the go. By investing in call extensions, CUnet was able to deliver a student start rate that was 3x higher than other types of online marketing.


Compare ROI of prospective students driven by calls versus other marketing channels


Determine the ROI of phone inquiries

Assess the ability of calls to deliver quality inquiries at scale


Start rate for students driven from calls was 3x higher than other types of online marketing

Gross cost-per-start for students driven from call extensions was 40% lower than the client's cost-per-start target

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