Eye Tracking Study comparing mobile and desktop

July 2011

Though mobile usage continues to go up, time spent on mobile sites remains minimal. In a study that compares eye movement across desktop and mobile screens, we found that consumers are much more focused on mobile devices, making them an effective place to display advertising.

In this study we show a series of visually striking eye tracking hotspot-maps to highlight the differences between where people look on a desktop and mobile screen. We think this research will be of interest to anyone working on mobile strategy. Whether you're looking to design a mobile site, or already have one and are considering mobile advertising.

Eye tracking demonstrates:

  • The traditional above and below the fold does not exist on a mobile website; the screen is scrolled and checked carefully.
  • Mobile advertising is an effective way of capturing people's attention and are similar in effectiveness to desktop adverts.
  • Although people view mobile websites for less time than when using a desktop, their attention is more focused.
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