An Improved Checkout Boosts Mobile Orders by 51% for AllyouneedFresh

December 2017

As one of Germany’s largest online supermarkets, AllyouneedFresh understood the importance of mobile to its business. Customers rely on mobile devices to browse and choose from the more than 20,000 grocery products stocked on the brand’s virtual shelves. With a goal of increasing the transactions completed on mobile, the team set out to improve the mobile checkout experience.

About AllyouneedFresh

One of Germany’s largest online supermarkets

More than 20,000 grocery products


Improve mobile user experience

Increase transactions completed on mobile


Conducted user experience analysis

Implemented key enhancements to mobile site


Transactions via mobile grew by 51%

Mobile conversion rate improved by 14%

Drop-offs from order confirmation page dropped by 21%

Through a data-driven user experience analysis conducted with Google, the AllyouneedFresh team identified several opportunities to increase the number of orders on mobile devices. Following a detailed workshop, AllyouneedFresh made several key enhancements to the checkout on their mobile website.

These improvements included:

  • Moving delivery date options to the start of the checkout process
  • Adding a “continue to checkout” call to action in the basket at the bottom of the checkout  
  • Automatically determining the customer’s credit card type rather than having users select from a drop-down list
  • Matching field length to the expected length of the input
  • Exposing title options through segmented controls
  • Using labels instead of placeholders for form fields
  • Enlarging the “save” call to action and making it more noticeable by adding contrast

In a six-month period, these measures produced tangible effects on the bottom line. AllyouneedFresh’s transactions via mobile grew by 51% and the mobile conversion rate improved by 14%, while drop-offs from the order confirmation page dropped by 21%.

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