Lazada: Acquiring Higher-Value Users at Lower Cost

February 2017


About Lazada 

  • Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping and selling destination
  • Launched in 2011
  • Present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam


  • Acquire high-quality users
  • Drive in-app transactions


  • Used Universal App Campaigns as main driver of installs
  • Optimised towards in-app events to acquire users most likely to conduct purchases


  • 20% uplift in install-to-purchase rate compared to campaigns focused only on installs
  • 60% uplift in purchases compared to campaigns focused only on installs
  • 15% lower cost per purchase

Lazada is the leading online shopping and selling destination across Southeast Asia with presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. A pioneer in ecommerce in the region, it provides consumers with a wide range of products from health and beauty, household goods, fashion and electronics; an easy shopping experience; multiple payment methods; and extensive customer care. Brands and sellers on the platform gain simple, direct access to 560 million consumers through a one-stop channel. Lazada’s app is core to the business in a region with high smartphone penetration and offers functionalities that cater to a mobile-first audience.

Because Lazada operates in six countries, performance optimisation can be time- consuming. As a way of making efficient use of existing resources, the team adopted Universal App Campaigns to promote the Lazada app across Google Search, Play, YouTube and within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network.

“Universal App Campaigns are simple, scalable and powerful. Setting up a campaign is quick and easy, which enables my team to focus on more strategic tasks. The difference in quality between users acquired with this new version of Universal App Campaigns and previous campaigns is clear, and it works on a Google scale."

– Tuong Nguyen, Regional Head of Display Marketing, Lazada Group

With the goal to acquire new customers, Lazada opted to optimise not only for installs to drive volume but also for in-app events to obtain high-value users. It was straightforward to establish the in-app action that mattered most: in-app purchases were signified by a transaction confirmation, meaning a user had successfully completed the payment process and confirmed an order.

By optimising Universal App Campaigns towards acquiring those users who were most likely to conduct in-app purchases, Lazada not only saved tremendous time through simplicity and scale, but also produced enviable results. Compared to campaigns focused only on app installs, the activity produced a 20% uplift in install-to-purchase rate and a 60% uplift in purchases, all at 15% lower cost per purchase. With volume and quality of users acquired through Google on the increase, the Lazada team can focus on measurement and other strategic activities.

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