Seeing the Entire Customer Journey Leads to More Sales and Lower Costs for NOS

June 2018

NOS is a leading communications and entertainment group in Portugal, offering television, internet, voice and data for all market segments, subscription TV, broadband services and cinema distribution and display. To improve acquisition campaign performance, NOS wanted to gain visibility over the entire customer journey, starting from a search ad click and ending with a call centre sale.

About NOS

Media holding company

Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal


Maximise return on online investment

Improve acquisition campaign performance

Increase sales volume and reduce cost per acquisition on mobile devices


Integrated AdWords with CRM platform

Optimised landing pages on website

Optimised AdWords campaigns, ad groups and keywords


13% growth in online sales volume

7% decrease in cost per acquisition

3% increase in volume of calls from campaigns

The NOS commercial team is focused on generating digital leads through landing pages and closing sales via a call centre. Analytics showed that 50% of all online sales were generated through mobile devices, with a mobile cost per call that was higher than for desktop.

In light of these observations, NOS set out to drive sales volumes and reduce acquisition costs on mobile. The team believed that linking together all touchpoints would enable them to more effectively optimise the mobile acquisition journey and transform leads into sales.

“Using this approach has been critical to proving the value of our online investment.”

– Nuno Schiappa Cruz, Head of Transformation, NOS

In partnership with Google, NOS launched a nine-week pilot project with the aim of gaining complete visibility into customer calls, quotations and sales. The work required close collaboration with digital agency Arena Media and tech partner Byside.

The project team identified that the consumer journey was based on three essential NOS assets: their AdWords campaigns, website and call centre. Ideally, after searching on Google through a mobile device, the user would click on an ad leading to a dedicated landing page optimised to lead him or her to contact the call centre.

During the implementation, Byside integrated AdWords with the CRM platform used by NOS, while NOS optimised landing pages on their website. The project team also worked with the call centre sales staff to understand ways to improve the platform to facilitate their daily work.

Meanwhile, Arena Media optimised the brand’s AdWords campaigns on an ongoing basis, adjusting tactics to drive incremental calls and improve call quality. With an overview of which campaigns, ad groups and keywords were generating sales in the call centre, they were able to prioritise campaigns that were likely to deliver more qualified calls, effectively increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Thanks to end-to-end visibility and optimisation, NOS recorded notable improvements in their business results at the end of the pilot: a 13% increase in total online sales, 7% reduction in CPA and 3% increase in total call volume. “Using this approach has been critical to proving the value of our online investment”, affirms Nuno Schiappa Cruz, Head of Transformation at NOS. “And Google was critical to enabling our partnership ecosystem and achieving a multi-skilled team.”

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