Squared Guru

May 2016

Squared Guru is designed for the leaders of today and places on the programme are strictly limited and by invitation only.

Who is it for?

Squared Guru is designed for the leaders of today and places on the programme are strictly limited and by invitation only.

We’re looking for candidates who have between eight to twelve years experience, and who have been identified by senior management as high-potential. ‘Squares’ should ideally work in cross-functional, non-digital roles, or those who work in an area of digital specialism and require a broader view (so not Heads of Digital), and have shown great curiosity and appetite for learning. 

What will I get out of it?

At Squared, we have a vision. We want the industry to know that if someone’s been through any Squared programme, they’ll be someone you want on your team and in the case of a ‘Guru’ graduate - leading it! They will be:

Digital Practitioners ~ They'll know how to assess the relevance of digital destinations. They'll know which platforms and tools to use when it comes to researching, planning, implementing and measuring across multi-channel, multi-platform marketing campaigns.

Strategists ~ They’ll get how stuff works, but also understand the bigger picture. They should be able to understand how everything fits together: how has technology impacted society? Business? How do digital channels interplay with the wider media mix?

Change Agents ~ Knowing how stuff works is helpful in the short term, but in five years the platforms we are featuring on Guru will have changed beyond recognition. Things change quickly. We want Squared participants to be able to adapt fast, and embrace change as an opportunity for innovation.

Thought Leaders ~ They’ll be the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted, inspiring people with innovative ideas and the ability to turn these ideas into reality.

How does it work?

The Squared learning philosophy is simple. People learn by experience. The participants will learn from each other and from self-insight, as well as from expert speakers and practitioners.

They will be faced with tasks across their learning journey. They will have to apply multi disciplinary strategies to solve complex problems.Their success will rely upon them having to learn from experience, from one another and from their mistakes.

Squared Guru is delivered through four key pillars that make up the learning process: Projects, Speakers, Toolboxes and Mentors.

How long is the course?

2 weeks, full-time.

Where does it run?

Squared Guru is available in London and Hamburg. More markets to follow.

How often will Squared Guru run?

We run 3-4 Guru programmes per year.

How to apply:

Squared Guru is by invitation only. Please speak to your Google Sales Contact for more information.

What are people saying about it?

"I think Squared encouraged me to be more entrepreneurial; to not be afraid of challenging established conventions and be more confident in developing and implementing new ideas"

- Squared Guru Participant, UK 2015 Cohort

"[I can] Apply my enhanced digital knowledge to both present and future client media planning and strategies"

- Squared Guru Participant, UK 2015 Cohort

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