The Mobile Playbook: UK

July 2012

Over the past year we've had the chance to discuss the mobile revolution with hundreds of marketers, and the same theme consistently emerges from these conversations: "How should I invest in mobile?" We created this Mobile Playbook to help marketers find answers, and what we've come up with are ten key action items that marketers can use as they adapt their brands to the mobile space.

The question is no longer "Why should I invest in mobile?" - we've all read statistics about the tremendous adoption of mobile and tablet devices - but "How should I invest in mobile?"

Check out this UK Mobile Playbook in order to help you find answers to crucial questions, such as:

  • How does mobile change our value proposition?
  • How does mobile impact our digital destinations?
  • Is our organisation adapting to mobile?
  • How should marketing adapt to mobile?
  • How can we connect with our tablet audience?
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