TripIt Reaches, Converts More Business Travelers with Google Mobile Ads

January 2013

TripIt is the leading mobile travel organizer from Concur Technologies, headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Nearly seven million frequent travelers use the TripIt app to organize and share their trips. TripIt reached customers on-the-go by building a mobile site and promoting its app with Google Mobile Ads.


Adopted Mobile App Extension and Click-to-Download ad formats

Implemented Google Analytics for tracking


Reach frequent travelers on multiple devices

Increase app-download conversion rate

Lower cost-per-acquisition of new users


Increased mobile display ad conversions 82.5%

Lowered cost per download on display ads 96.3%

Keeping customers moving

Millions of travelers use mobile travel organizer TripIt to organize and share their trips. Originally launched in San Francisco in 2007, TripIt was acquired by integrated travel and expense-management leader Concur in 2011.

A multi-platform approach

TripIt users can access their trip plans through either a website or a mobile app. TripIt also built out a separate mobile site for its online advertising channels. "This allows us to provide a highly relevant landing page in an easy-to-read interface," Hanson explains. "Investing in mobile advertising is crucial to our future growth. Twenty percent of TripIt users reach us exclusively on their mobile devices. Our mobile customers are more active and engaged than our web users."

Promoting our app with Google Mobile Ads has helped us to grow our business and reach more business travelers while they're on the road.

Many TripIt customers rely on multiple platforms — making their initial travel arrangements on desktop, then switching to mobile once en route. Mobile users "tend to access information while at the airport, car rental company, or hotel," Hanson says. "In addition, they check maps and directions and upload photographs. TripIt also links with social networks, letting visitors connect with business associates in the area they're traveling. We have a pretty strong following on social media."

Mobile app promotion

TripIt is active on several ad channels, including Google Search and the Google Display Network for both desktop and mobile. "Mobile app extensions consistently exceed our app download conversion rate expectations on AdWords," Hanson says. Mobile app extensions let smartphone users see ads for the TripIt app when they're searching on; they can then click to download the app from the Google Play or iTunes App Store. TripIt is a top-ranked travel organizer in both locations.

The company found that search and display ad network solutions work better together for promoting the app. Continual optimization of the in-app display campaigns helped TripIt increase mobile conversions by more than 75 percent and slash cost-per-download (CPD) by more than 96 percent.

TripIt uses Google Analytics and other tools to track and optimize its search ad strategy. "We have set up campaigns to target devices and operating systems — mobile, iOS, tablets, Android, etc.," Hanson says. "This allows us to target our messaging, customize our landing pages, control cost, and track our conversion rate in a more specialized manner."

Dramatic, measurable results

All this activity leaves the company optimistic about further expansion, especially during growth periods. "We usually see a lift in January, as business travelers hit the road again, or perhaps decide it's a good time to start the new year by getting their travel plans organized," Hanson says.

"Promoting our app with Google Mobile Ads helped us to grow our business and reach more business travelers while they're on the road," Hanson concludes. "We're now able to redirect the dollars we've saved on app promotion to improving our app and providing a better trip-organizer service to our business travelers."

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