Universal App Campaigns produce 38% lower cost per install for Tesco Groceries app

April 2016


Launched Universal App Campaigns

Targeted new and returning users to encourage app installs on Android devices

Used ad text from branded search campaigns and existing video creative


Acquire new customers

Increase spend and usage frequency of existing shoppers

Driving long-term loyalty


Fivefold increase in installs since campaign launch

Compared to standard app install campaigns, Universal App Campaigns reached three times as many users, achieved 77% higher click-through rate and 38% lower cost per install

Tesco is one of the world’s largest retailers with extensive grocery and general merchandise ranges. A multichannel approach allows Tesco to leverage the existing store network and online expertise to make customers’ shopping trips even easier. Tesco’s customer base uses the web, mobile web and mobile apps interchangeably to book delivery times, fill their shopping baskets and amend orders on the go. Visibility at all touchpoints is vital to ensure an easy customer journey and to encourage repeat purchases.

The Tesco Groceries app is a more sophisticated user-friendly version of the mobile website, using login details to ensure seamless baskets and Favourites across all screens. The brand’s mobile app users tend to be the most loyal customers, more frequently amending and placing orders. In this context, promotion of the Tesco Groceries app is crucial for acquiring new customers, increasing spend and frequency of existing shoppers and driving long-term loyalty.

Tesco’s search marketing agency Periscopix, a Merkle Company, launched a Universal App Campaign to increase reach and visibility prior to the Christmas purchasing period. The campaign was set up to target both new and returning users and encourage downloads of the Tesco Groceries mobile app on Android devices. The lines of ad text were taken from branded search campaigns and relevant video creative to reflect existing TV activity. Initially the daily budget was limited to ensure the cost-per-install (CPI) target could be met during a test period. The team then increased this steadily whilst decreasing the CPI target to improve spend efficiency.

Since launching the ads, installs have increased fivefold. Compared to standard app install campaigns during the same period, the universal app ads reached three times as many users. At the same time, click-through rate was 77% higher and CPI was 38% lower, which allowed the Periscopix team to drive a higher volume of app installs for the same budget.

“We’re very pleased with these results and how easy the campaign was to set up, allowing us to ensure coverage of search, display, YouTube and the Play Store.”

Jocelyn Le Conte, PPC Team Lead at Periscopix

Looking forward, Periscopix will continue running Universal App Campaigns for Tesco Groceries with an increased percentage of the online marketing budget, and also plans to roll out this type of campaign to more Tesco apps. Other plans include optimising to drive in-app revenue and following up with app installers via deep-linking and other tactics to stimulate larger, more regular purchases.

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