Allianz powers its online and offline customer behaviour using Google Analytics Premium

December 2015

A leader in the Italian insurance market, Allianz recently launched Allianz1, a pioneering solution in the field of personal insurance. Allianz1 is the "subscription to peace of mind". With a unique policy and a monthly fee, consumers can choose a customised solution from 13 available modules to protect their life, family and home. The product was developed in Italy, and its launch served as a pilot project for the global Allianz group.

Allianz wanted to be able to perform an accurate and comprehensive analysis of return on ad spend, since the product launch in the Italian market was supported by significant online and offline advertising activity, including TV, radio ads, billboards, web search and display campaigns. Considering the significant advertising budget, it was vital for Allianz to get a clear understanding of how each source performed.

The main challenge was that Allianz customers and prospects often research for a solution online and then purchase offline. Information and quotes are offered on dedicated websites, while purchases are completed in person with insurance agents. It was therefore critical to link each policy sold in a local branch to a quote received on the web, and to analyse all referral traffic sources.

Webranking, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, helped Allianz implement Google Analytics Premium in order to be able to collect and analyse data in a more effective way. The implementation aimed to configure an online analytics platform that could collect all user behaviour information and integrate it with offline activities of Allianz customers.

The team began by analysing internal business intelligence procedures and highlighting the primary online and offline data that needed to be matched. With data granularity key for the business, custom dimensions proved the best solution to measure all user behaviour. The approach involved identifying users by creating a unique code based on nine different custom dimensions available through the Google Analytics API. This would enable Allianz to link each single quote to the correct source of traffic.

The data granularity guaranteed by Google Analytics Premium and the competence in understanding and using this considerable amount of data have been crucial components in the success of Allianz1.

-Andrea Volpe, Head of Brand Management and Marketing Operations, Allianz

According to Webranking, Google Analytics Premium enabled the development of a clear dashboard and excellent reporting at speed. It also enabled Allianz to gain better, more granular insights than ever before. Following the Google Analytics Premium implementation, the company managed to decrease data discrepancies between Google Analytics and Allianz's CRM system by more than 25 percentage points, an important milestone to make data more accurate and actionable. The initial implementation of the standard version of Google Analytics had granted lower correlation details due to custom dimensions being limited to five. By increasing the number of custom dimensions, it was possible to better align the Google Analytics Premium and CRM data.

"Google Analytics Premium has solved the challenge of matching online and offline information and has been critical to understanding the best conversion sources and to driving investment choices," affirms Nereo Sciutto, Webranking's President and Co-founder. "The new approach we implemented for Allianz1 developed into a digital measurement network strategy, so all Allianz websites use the same tracking structure and other insurance products can be evaluated with specific conversions funnels. We can now focus on conversion measurement, while crossselling opportunities across several Allianz websites and products can be calculated with precision."

Allianz is pleased with the progress and is already driving the more nuanced insights into smarter budget decisions. "The data granularity guaranteed by Google Analytics Premium and the competence in understanding and using this considerable amount of data have been crucial components of the success of Allianz1," says Andrea Volpe, Head of Brand Management and Marketing Operations at Allianz. "More accurate user behavior information has been transferred to DoubleClick in order to improve targeting options in prospecting and remarketing strategies. This way we have been able to analyse in real time the advertising returns, and consequently to drive investment decisions with a crystal clear picture of the whole funnel, from ads to purchase."

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