EconomyCarRentals Finds Success in Display using Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Solution Combined with Smart Bidding

October 2017

EconomyCarRentals offers rental options in over 160 countries around the world through partnerships with major international car hire companies. The company aims to provide the lowest possible price for the best car available.

About EconomyCarRentals

Car hire company

Based in Heraklion Crete, Greece

Rundown Goals

Grow digital presence beyond search within defined return on investment

Rundown Approach

Installed AdWords remarketing tag

Created dynamic remarketing feed

Activated automated bidding according to target cost per acquisition and target return on ad spend

Rundown Results

Nearly five times more conversions

52% lower cost per conversion

734% higher conversion rate

EconomyCarRentals wanted to grow their digital presence outside of search while maintaining a strong return on investment. As a strong lower funnel display option, dynamic remarketing was just the right fit. 

EconomyCarRentals simply installed an AdWords remarketing tag on the website using Google Tag Manager. With the feed in place, EconomyCarRentals initiated a dynamic remarketing campaign in the US market. Using images and other dynamic content from the feed, the campaign automatically served remarketing ads to users who had previously shown an interest in car rentals for specific destinations. 

To boost performance, EconomyCarRentals used additional automation through Smart Bidding. Setting a target cost per acquisition bid initially allowed them to manage efficiency, while using a target return on ad spend bid later enabled them to maximise profitability. 

“The results from our dynamic remarketing campaign have been very positive and have proved that the right display media channels can deliver strong return on investment when we leverage automation”, says Managing Director Yorgos Kokologiannis. In fact, the dynamic remarketing campaign delivered nearly five times more conversions at a 52% lower cost per conversion and a 734% higher conversion rate compared to all of the company’s other online display channels, proving its value as a performance-oriented programmatic solution. 

Thanks to the strong results from the US campaign, the company has decided to expand with new campaigns across the UK, France and Spain. They’re also in the process of implementing the same approach for a second property,