Periscopix successfully uses data driven marketing to reach B2B buyers

March 2015

Periscopix is a biddable media specialist that works with a number of B2B clients in financial, payment systems and managed hosting verticals. Tom Byrne, their commercial director, shares best practices in performance driven display strategies with Google solutions.


Periscopix see programmatic display as a key tactic for feeding the top of the funnel. They take a data driven approach to targeting the best prospects with display and nurturing them with sequential messages.

For example, with JP Morgan Asset Management, they deploy a sophisticated targeting structure combining Google data, website data, 3rd party and CRM data to deliver the right message and the right time. For other B2B clients they have used remarketing to support vendor verification.


Many B2B clients Periscopix work with have saturated the current interest in the market and needed to find new ways to generate demand.


For SagePay, over ⅓ of the ultimate conversions had display as the first point of interaction, feeding the top of the funnel. For a financial client they were able to drive 75-80% improvement in conversion volume by adding display to the mix.