Perspectives on programmatic

October 2014

In these videos, we've asked leading UK industry experts to drill down into the important themes in programmatic marketing. Here they offer their own unique perspectives, covering how they define programmatic, the benefits and challenges they perceive, the role that data plays, and what the future of marketing looks like with programmatic in the picture. Interviewees: Steve Parker, CEO, Starcom; Paul Frampton, CEO, Havas; Khurram Hammid, Digital Director, GSK; Peter Jarvis, Marketing Manager, Experian.

It helps to start with a solid definition of programmatic marketing, so here the experts offer their sensible, simple explanations _ watch for keywords including data, efficiency, targeting and automation. They then go on to discuss whether programmatic applies mainly to performance campaigns, brand campaigns, or both.

According to the experts we spoke to, data is invaluable and empowering. Getting it to work for you involves a technology investment and business alignment, but the result is a rich understanding of customers and information to drive not only communication planning but also creative decisions.

When it comes to the benefits of programmatic, the specialists we spoke to cited a more granular view of customers, the ability to tailor messaging, greater efficiency and effectiveness in advertising spend - with reduced wastage. Meanwhile, the challenges centred on getting the right data infrastructure, technology, processes and people in place.

Of course, we all want to know where this is leading _ what does the future hold? According to the experts we talked with, programmatic will allow messaging to become increasingly relevant to customers, not only on digital platforms but across the whole marketing mix. And with this leap from online to all channels, they told us they believe programmatic stands to transform the entire marketing industry.