Programmatic Strategy Lab Overview

January 2019

A 2-day workshop designed to help your business make the most of programmatic and be relevant in the right moments on the customer journey.


This 2-day Lab will help you make the most of programmatic across the customer journey. It will ensure you:

  • Understand programmatic and how your organisation needs to evolve in order to succeed today
  • Know how to transform your marketing strategy through the power of automation
  • Can identify the structure, processes, agency partnerships, people and skills your company needs to be agile enough to compete in a programmatic-driven marketing world
Programmatic Masterclass Overview - 1

After the Lab you’ll be able to:

  • Implement a mid-term and long-term plan to transform your organisation’s programmatic approach – from tech to processes, people and set up
  • With a data-driven approach, make the most of audience signals to communicate the right message to the right people at the right moment in their customer journey
  • Rethink how to connect with customers, moving from demographic targeting only to taking an individual, user-centric approach
  • Brief team members, partners and suppliers more effectively by  understanding the technology available to you and
  • Increase your marketing’s agility, making it more dynamic and non-linear – just like your customer journey today
  • Define the right set of KPIs to measure your programmatic campaigns
“The workshop struck a great balance between theoretical thinking and practical application to our business, and it was really valuable to have local and global teams collaborating and learning alongside each other.”

- Carla Croso, Global Media Digital Partnership Lead, GSK

You’ll come away with:

  • A now-next-long plan for improving your programmatic approach to further iterate, sharpen and then embed
  • Actionable, user-centric, frameworks on your audience segments, messaging, data signals and digital marketing processes
  • New ways of working in a programmatic landscape to overcome legacy challenges and traditional mindsets
  • New KPIs which help you achieve your business goals
  • Knowledge on the programmatic tools and technology available
  • More collaborative relationships between all your  key stakeholders through a shared language and strategic focus
Programmatic Masterclass Overview - 2
“We got lots of opportunity to bring back the conceptual learnings to ‘download’ how we would take action on our brands.”

- Lauren Tajfel, Group Marketing Manager, L'Oréal Paris

To find out more about taking part in a Programmatic Strategy Lab, contact your Google Sales Rep

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