Mini labs overview

December 2020

Mini Labs are interactive sessions full of hands-on activities and real world examples. Bite-size and action-oriented, they help organizations on their digital transformation journey by tackling key business challenges and upskilling teams with digital know-how. Depending on your challenge, Mini Labs can be stacked to create a full day of activity or used individually as a 2-3 hour session. Find out more about Mini Labs here.

Activate Insights Driven Marketing

Designed to grow your business by setting up and walking away with an audience strategy and media plan throughout the funnel by using Google’s Insights-driven marketing framework.

Advanced Omnichannel

If you want to progress to a higher level of omnichannel maturity, you will assess your organisation’s current omnichannel maturity level and identify areas for strategic development. Walk away with a clear action plan, outlining the timeline, tools and stakeholders required to achieve your objectives.

Attribution models

Explore how to take into account the full customer journey by moving from a traditional last click to multi-touch attribution model. It highlights the challenges posed by a last-click model and you will walk away with a blueprint to help confidently select the best suited attribution model for your business.


This discusses how to spot automation opportunities for bidding, creatives, targeting and workflows.Walk away with a roadmap of actions to grow your business using automation. It is right for you if you are curious about automation or wondering about the impact it could have on your role.

Build an optimization score action plan

If you are looking to drive ad campaign efficiencies and improve performance, walk away with immediate results and an action plan for the quarter and year on how to drive more effective optimization score use in your organization.

Build a Digital Maturity Transformation (DMT) Plan

Explore your business objectives, moving on to review your Digital Maturity Benchmark (DMB) results. Walk away with a DMT plan that you will have created in this Mini Lab which can be used for your business.

Cloud for Marketing

To understand the consumer journey, predict marketing outcomes, and personalize the customer experience with Cloud for Marketing. Walk away with Cloud for Marketing use case(s) that are relevant for your business.

Consumer Experience

Explores how mobile technology and IoT are affected by changing consumer behaviours which will help understand how to leverage tech to solve business problems. Walk away with an action plan for how the business can apply modern technology to benefit its customers.

Customer-centric marketing

Demonstrates how to apply customer-centric marketing using the See, Think, Do, Care framework and find out more about what it takes to be successful in the digital ecosystem. Walk away with a list of marketing moments and roadmap for a future marketing campaign.

Data Activation

Walk away with an action plan for a Data Activation pilot and a project timeline that can be used as a template for future success. It is right for you if you want to assess and identify the range of data available that can be used to make smarter marketing decisions.

Data Studio

Do you have complex data sets and send weekly reports? Do you want to automate this process? You will be able to report and analyse data in real time from your online advertising in a visually pleasing way with limited coding ability needed, which will help you develop smarter data driven marketing strategies and business decisions.

Data-driven people operations

Walk away with a hypothesis, design a simple data driven experiment, and commit to using data to generate results. It is right for you if you are looking to improve how decisions are currently made in your organization, to overcome biases in HR, talent and organizational practices.

Design Thinking

How can design thinking help overcome your greatest business challenges? Walk away through the key stages of the design thinking process so that you can experience the methodology and understand how it can transform your business.

Digital-first KPIs

Walk away with a digital-first measurement plan for 2-3 business goals. Outline steps to activate the measurement plan. It looks at the value of measurement throughout the entire customer journey and clears up the difference between KPIs and metrics and aligns both to business goals.

Distributed Work for Remote teams

Understand how structure and communication help increase productivity and well-being with clear guidance in distributed remote teams. Walk away with Now/Next/Long roadmap with a realistic timeline and an outline of agreed areas of opportunities to improve results and decision making process.

Effective campaign briefings

Walk away with a get-To-By briefing statement for an upcoming campaign and skills to create and advocate for insightful briefings for your company’s campaigns. It is right for you if your business is using traditional briefs or struggling to align with partners.

Enhance your mobile experience: UX

Based on the latest research, participants will critically assess the mobile barriers currently blocking
Conversions. Walk away with UX Improvements on your website. It is right for you if you want to grow by improving rCvR through better UX.

Enhance your mobile experience: Speed

Participants will critically assess their mobile sites by taking the speed test, comparing their results to recent industry benchmarks. Walk away with an action plan to improve your mobile load time and build your investment case. It is right for you if you want to improve the Speed and Conversion metrics.

Enhance your mobile experience: Speed & strategy

Walk away with a cohesive roadmap focused on User Centricity with defined KPIs to work on and an action plan to ensure those KPIs are met. It is right for you if you want to work on your mobile strategy (app + web), with determined mobile KPIs and select tests to prove mobile impact.

Full Stack

Walk away with an action plan for combining different tech platforms to solve company challenges. It is right for you if you are already implementing automated marketing technology, have started to articulate business challenges and are inspired by automated marketing.

Grow with Search

An ideal session to run with Agencies to solve their clients’ business challenges. Walk away with a draft joint strategy aligned with their business goals. It is right for you if you need to have an agreed approach on how to challenge customers about the importance of investing in Search to help reach their goals.

Grow with Apps

To understand the relevancy of app as a business growth driver and creating an app marketing strategy
to achieve your client's business and marketing objectives. Walk away with an App Marketing strategy
with a clear roadmap and timeline for an App Campaign.

Holistic view of the customer

Explores the differences between rule-based and data-driven attribution models and covers how to overcome common attribution challenges. You should be familiar with web analytics and the complexity of the path to purchase. Walk away with an outline of how to apply data-driven attribution and holistic thinking to an upcoming campaign.

International Growth

This Mini Lab is suited for those who have already expanded into a new market and wish to strengthen their positioning and for those who want to expand into new markets. Walk away with a roadmap for your international growth strategy that includes clear actions, sponsors and timelines.

Lead Interactive Virtual Workshops

Learn how to steer away from the usual presentation, improved online stance as a trainer and facilitator, and lead more effective virtual meetings. Walk away with tools and techniques for collaborative and interactive workshops.

Marketing effectiveness

Analyze your marketing to highlight opportunities for efficiencies and business growth. Walk away with a prioritization plan of ranked measurement projects that meet your business goals.

Messages and creative formats

Stimulates thinking about producing customer-centric messages and selecting appropriate and inspiring creative formats. It explores best practices of customer-focused campaign messages using See, Think, Do, Care, then moves on to advertising channels and creative formats. Walk away with a messaging plan and ability to rationalize suitable advertising channels and creative formats.

Measuring Goals with OKRs

Find out how to track progress, stay focused and create an environment in which to learn from mistakes. Walk away with an agreed action plan to embed OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) within your team or organisation, a clear set of 3-5 objectives and respective key results.


Examine how broader omnichannel strategies and measurements can benefit your business and the measurement tools that can improve cross-team functioning. Walk away with an action plan identifying changes needed to implement omnichannel strategies with your business. It is right for you if you are curious about omnichannel but aren’t familiar with its benefits or how to align teams around it.

Performance measurement foundation

Outlines how to audit marketing assets, see how they’re being tracked and identify the full value they contribute to the business. Identifies insights and potential areas for business growth. Walk away with an action plan for how the business can apply modern technology to benefit its customers.

Programmatic Landscape

If you are curious about programmatic technology but not that familiar with what makes it work, this Mini Lab introduces programmable marketing and programmatic technology, discusses the benefits of both and showcases a best in class example. Walk away with a programmatic rationale statement showing why to incorporate programmatic into the business.

Signals and Micro-Moments

Encourages customers to think of micro-moments that are valuable to them and to select signals to reach their audience in those moments. Walk away with a map of micro-moments across customer journey for audience segments for a future campaign, and corresponding signals.

Test & Learn

This Mini Lab provides hands-on practice using Google’s test and learn framework and applying it to one of your business challenges. You will be advised on how to follow a structured approach to creating testing agendas and inspirational examples from other companies. Walk away with the beginnings of a testing agenda that can guide your decisions to solution adoption.

What Makes Great Manager

Help managers get better at coaching, decision-making, collaboration, staying results-oriented, communicating and developing, energising and empowering teams. Walk away with a clear set of behaviours of great managers and an action list for next steps on how to incorporate initial ideas into manager development programs.

What Makes Great Remote Manager

Help managers get better at coaching, decision-making, collaboration, staying results-oriented, communicating and developing, energising and empowering teams. Walk away with a clear set of remote behaviours of great managers and an action list for next steps on how to incorporate initial ideas into manager development programs.

What Makes an Effective Team

Establish a common vocabulary, define the team behaviours and norms you want to foster in your organization, create a forum to discuss team dynamics and get leadership onboard to model and seek continuous improvement. Walk away with a Team Effectiveness discussion guide to help identify areas where you might want to improve and elicit ideas of how to do that.

Post Lab

This Mini Lab is designed as a follow-up to a GDA Lab and explores the progress made to date on the action plan that was put together in the Lab. Walk away with a clear understanding of what enabled that progress, what hindered it and a new action plan on focus areas that align with your business and marketing objectives.

Brand Activation Lab overview