The Telegraph Embraces DoubleClick's Programmatic Solutions to Increase Revenue by 126%

May 2015

As the UK's number-one news brand, The Telegraph needed a solution that would enable the business to take every layer of its ad server and offer it programmatically to the market. The Telegraph combined DoubleClick for Publishers with Ad Exchange, effectively consolidating all programmatic trading into one system. Using Ad Exchange enhanced dynamic allocation feature, the Telegraph were able to optimise yield on every impression.


Initiated automated trading of media space

Combined DoubleClick for Publishers with Ad Exchange

Used enhanced dynamic allocation feature


Grow revenue

Offer premium products at global scale

Increase yield


Increased number of impressions delivered by 43%

Improved eCPM by over 50%

Recorded 126% year-on-year increase in revenue

The phenomenal level of support and expertise from Google has strongly contributed to the great results we've been able to generate.


- Nicole Holtsmark, Head of Programmatic Trading & Audiences, Telegraph Media Group