TV2 Norway's Biggest Commercial TV Channel Adopts DoubleClick's Programmatic Guaranteed

January 2016

As Norway's biggest commercial TV channel and one of the country's largest websites, TV2 wanted to gain greater predictability in terms of sales of the brand's extensive premium inventory. Programmatic Guaranteed from DoubleClick offered the answer. By using this new deal type, advertising clients can access guaranteed inventory on high-impact formats, while TV2 can achieve higher CPMs.


Adopted Programmatic Guaranteed, a new deal type allowing advertisers to access guaranteed inventory on high-impact formats


Monetise premium content

Achieve guaranteed delivery and rate in terms of volume

Gain predictability in sales


Higher CPMs than standard campaigns

Greater brand safety and control over placements for advertisers

We will definitely continue to use Programmatic Guaranteed in future campaigns and our hope is that Programmatic Guaranteed will be the standard in the market.

-Jrgen Dnnum, Sales Director, TV2