Using private marketplaces in Ad Exchange, Cond_ Nast revenue leaps 800%

May 2015

Cond_ Nast wanted to offer its advertising clients programmatic access to inventory, maintain a premium look and feel and deliver more native, creative and custom solutions to both new and existing customers. Adopting DoubleClick Ad Exchange gave Cond_ Nast the ability to segment premium placements, develop private marketplaces, gain exposure to new clients, expand available inventory and drive revenue.


Integrated DoubleClick Ad Exchange with DoubleClick For Publisher's ad server

Segmented inventory and established private marketplaces

Coordinated with sales team to represent all platform and brand inventory programmatically


Expand from traditional print publishing into a multi-platform proposition

Offer programmatic access to inventory, including native, mobile and custom solutions

Maintain premium look and feel at all times


800% increase in revenue (52% of which came from private marketplace deals)

21% growth in mobile inventory

Of top 50 clients, 60% were new clients

Increasingly our premium clients want to access our inventory programmatically.


Will Harris, Head of Digital, Cond_ Nast Publications