BillyOh: Unlocking growth for small businesses

September 2017

With a business built on search advertising, Charles Walton, CEO of BillyOh, loves to explore new opportunities for growth. Here, he shares their success story and the next move for marketers.


I founded the business above my parents garage, starting out with just a desk, PC and phone. We now have a factory and distribution facility. BillyOh was established in 2005 and is now the largest brand in our portfolio.


What I love about my job:

The variety and scope of work, one day is never the same and involves reviewing most parts of the business. My passion is search and digital marketing; I love to continously explore new opportunities.

How search advertising unlocks growth:

Our business has been built on search advertising. Over the last 17 years, we've managed to build our brand, drive growth, attract new customers and be amongst the big players (retailers) in the market. Without search advertising, we wouldn’t have had the chance to compete against them. It's definitely helped level the playing field.

My all-time search advertising highlight:

When AdWords launched in 2000 it completely transformed the landscape for our business. We could reach customers that we never dreamed were in our reach.

My view on the future of marketing:

We will have to learn to look beyond the device. There will be more ways to search – across multiple channels and devices – whether it’s on a mobile app, in the kitchen or in your car. This means that marketers will need to keep up and evolve.

As consumer decision-making gets more complex, automation helps to simplify