With Shopping Ads through CSS, Neckermann’s conversions grow by 32%

June 2018

Managed by performance marketing experts infiniteFox, Shoparade is a price comparison portal that aims to lead qualified traffic from search engines to their clients’ shops and generate corresponding sales there. Products listed on Shoparade include a broad range of goods, covering electronics, household appliances, DIY, fashion, sports, hobbies and more. In partnership with infiniteFox, the leading retailer Neckermann used Shopping Ads placed through Shoparade to maximise their sales and presence.

About Neckermann

Retailer of household goods, apparel, electronics, home and living

Based in Hamburg

Online shop of Otto (GmbH & Co KG)


About Shoparade

Comparison shopping service

Operated by infiniteFox GmbH and Native Shopping Media UG

Headquarters in Hamburg



Maximise sales

Increase presence and branding effect on digital devices


Launched and tested Shopping Ads through CSS on Google Search results pages

Duplicated Google Shopping campaign structure within Neckermann’s CSS accounts via Shoparade

Leveraged InfiniteFox expertise to set up advanced feed structure

Set bids at similar levels to previous campaigns


Of all Neckermann Shopping Ads, Shoparade’s ads contribute 75% of clicks and 70% of conversion value

Ads placed through Shoparade drove 32% more conversions and 40% higher click-through rates than Neckermann’s previous campaigns, while number of impressions more than doubled

“Thanks to the performance of Shopping Ads through CSS, we are now able to monetise search queries for our client’s product range even better and are able to make much more out of Shopping Ads."

– Christin Reske, Performance Shopping Specialist, infiniteFox/Shoparade

“Shopping Ads through CSS allow us to significantly increase our volume of clicks and conversions, without raising our maximum CPC.”

– Daniel Spellbrink, Head of Marketing, neckermann.de 

To generate revenue, drive new customer acquisition and increase brand awareness, Neckermann had already been advertising using Shopping Ads on Google Shopping. But with an eye on maximising the brand’s sales and presence further, the Neckermann team joined forces with comparison shopping service Shoparade to embrace an innovative approach. Together they launched a project to test Shopping Ads through CSS against their existing Google Shopping campaigns.

Focusing on the electronic customer goods category, the team duplicated the traditional PLA campaign structure within Neckermann’s own CSS accounts via Shoparade. Bids were set to a similar level as previous Google Shopping campaigns.

The results of the test demonstrated the effectiveness of the new approach. Of all Neckermann Shopping Ads, Shoparade’s ads contribute 75% of clicks and 70% of conversion value. Compared to Neckermann’s previous set-up, Shopping Ads through CSS drive 32% more conversions and 40% higher click-through rates, while the number of impressions has more than doubled.

In light of these outcomes, both Neckermann and Shoparade have emerged as winners. “As a new shopping advertising channel, Shopping Ads through CSS enable us to get incremental visibility on the Google search result pages for our client brands and products and increase performance through a sophisticated campaign setup”, says Christin Reske, Performance Shopping Specialist at infiniteFox/Shoparade.

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