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December 2020

We've taken the standout activities and lightbulb moments from our in-person Labs and translated them into bite-sized experiences on Google's Skillshop Modules can fill knowledge gaps when you most need it, or can be part of a more strategic approach to tackling organisational issues.


Our Digital Transformation E-learning supports you to innovate, compete and have a fruitful career in the digital age by upskilling and empowering you with tools, frameworks and strategic knowledge.  

The content is interactive and bite-sized, using relevant scenarios and creative storytelling – so learning is manageable, effective and entertaining.

The Digital Transformation E-learning is hosted on Google's Skillshop, which provides quick education to anyone looking to learn more about making the most of online ads.

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How it works:

There are 3 types of transformation content, each of which can be completed in under 2 hours:

  1. Digital-first brands and customer-centric marketing
  2. Becoming mobile-first
  3. Programmatic transformation
  • You’re in control of your own learning and can choose which modules you want to complete and in what order.
  • Modules take between 5 and 15 minutes to finish, so you can dip in and out based on how much time you have.  
  • It’s all fully optimised for mobile (of course!) so you can squeeze digital learning into your day, even if you’re on the move.
  • When you get to the end of a module, you earn a certificate so you can proudly celebrate your new skills!

What it looks like:

  • You can choose the right modules to complete based on your current needs.
  • Modules can fill knowledge gaps when you most need it, or can be part of a more strategic approach to tackling organisational issues
  • Each of the modules is practical so you can start using the learnings straightaway
  • And to top it all off, the E-learning is fun, using stories and real life examples to bring the information to life
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Who it’s for

The E-learning is pitch at beginner-to- intermediate level, and is right for you if you’re:

  • A general marketer, strategist or executive looking to build your digital understanding
  • A digital specialist wanting to become a general marketer or strategist
  • Working in a creative agency
“The power of e-learning can help land complex new digital concepts faster, and shorten the turnaround between theory and business application.”

- Marni Wedin, Online & Blended Learning Innovation Lead, Google Digital Academy

Need to know the latest thinking on programmatic, fast?

Set aside 2 hours to complete “Programmable marketing basics” to reset your marketing and advertising approach for success today.

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Concerned about your mobile measurement strategy?

Skip to "Measure mobile effectively" and shore up on how to “Choose the right metrics.”

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Want to know how to get started putting customers first?

Check out “Activate customer-centric marketing.”

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