Grace Cole: Connecting with the modern consumer

September 2017

Introducing Tracy Mort, Grace Cole’s CEO (and co-star of Colin Furze’s 'Spa Car' video). Here, she gives us the lowdown on how to connect advertising to the modern lifestyle.


I oversee all aspects of the business with an emphasis on buying, NPD and marketing.

Before starting Grace Cole, I worked in buying the beauty business. The role involved extensive international travel, market research, buying and leading new product development. When the company I worked for went into administration in 2007, I decided to go at it alone.


What I love about my job:

The satisfaction that I get from creating a product or fragrance in my head, then bringing that to life through the various channels of the business.

How search advertising unlocks growth:

Search advertising influences our marketing decisions, as it allows us to present consumers with products that are tailored to their immediate buying interests and needs. It gives us a much more targeted approach and makes us much more relevant to our consumer. This approach has led us to an increase in brand loyalty and customer retention.

With the hectic lifestyles of today, consumers have limited time and this tailored approach is a perfect fit for our consumer shopping habits. By using brand terms and retargeting, we have been able to build brand awareness, which is having a positive effect in driving organic search.

My all-time search advertising highlight:

Seeing new customers discover Grace Cole and then becoming regular customers. Then, these customers tend to spread the word and can positively influence their peers. There’s nothing better than getting a good Customer Review – and because our ads are tailored to our consumer, this has resulted in more and more positive reviews and comments.

My view on the future of marketing:

I believe that in today’s society, new technology is constantly emerging and evolving to make buying easier and more effective. The need to provide businesses, like ours, with the tools and innovations to analyse, improve and innovate (in terms of marketing messages and activity) will continue to rise.

Search advertising allows us to reach and interact with our desired consumer in a more targeted and efficient way than any other channel. I believe that it will become a truly personal journey, almost like having a personal shopper in store.

As consumer decision-making gets more complex, automation helps to simplify