Hilton Worldwide drives 12% higher ROI with Google Hotel Ads

March 2015

With over 4,250 hotels across 93 countries, Hilton Worldwide aims to be the leader in hospitality and simplify travel for its guests before, during and after each visit. But given that today's travellers have more research, booking and platform options than ever, Hilton turned to Google Hotel Ads to help drive high-quality leads and fuel bookings. Hilton saw five-star results: It improved its conversion rate by 45% and drove a 12% increase in overall ROI.


Implemented Google Hotel Ads to drive qualified leads

Utilised bid adjustments to optimise performance based on device type, user country and Google site

Applied granular, hotel-level bids based on business needs within each market

Opted into desktop, tablet and mobile devices


Drive efficient hotel bookings globally, across all devices

Be present whenever, wherever consumers are looking for a hotel

Ensure that Hilton properties are well represented on emerging distribution channels


100% of Hilton properties opted into

Google Hotel Ads Saw conversion rate improve by

45%* Drove 12%* overall stronger ROI

Hilton Worldwide, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing hospitality companies, has more than 4,250 hotels across the globe in 93 countries. The company's goal is to be the leader in hospitality, making travel easier for its guests before, during and after each visit. That means staying one step ahead of its guests' needs by being easily accessible via the platforms and devices guests prefer most. As travelers consult more sources before choosing a hotel, Hilton wants to ensure that it is engaging with them at the right moment and with the most relevant information so travellers can easily book a hotel stay.

Travellers are looking for more information than ever before

Today's travellers have more research and booking options than ever. To search for a hotel, they will typically visit a variety of sites to compare rates, photos, reviews, availability and other variables. At the same time, they want the ability to efficiently search and shop for hotels. They expect this information at their fingertips to help guide decision-making and let them immediately book the hotel once their mind is made up, no matter which device they are using.

While travellers are inundated with information and choices, hospitality companies, such as Hilton, need to stay relevant and represented in this expansive market.

"Consumer expectations are only going to increase," says Geraldine Calpin, senior vice president and global head of digital, Hilton Worldwide. "Specifically with the explosion of the different devices, we've seen that our guests are looking for relevant content quickly when they visit us on our website, mobile site or via our app."

Relevant information establishes seamless path to booking

With the expanding number of websites that travellers use to make their hotel decisions comes the need to be present at just the right time_ when travellers are ready to book. To help meet this challenge, Hilton turned to Google Hotel Ads to help drive high-quality leads and fuel bookings.

"Hotel Ads allow Hilton to connect with potential guests to help them make informed, often rapid, hotel decisions," Calpin notes. "It really is about being relevant and being timely. Much more so than it ever was before."

Hotel Ads make it easy for travellers to find a hotel. They appear on all Google properties where travellers may search for a hotel, including Search, Maps and Google+, and on all devices. Once travellers have selected a property, they can proceed directly to the advertiser's website to complete the booking.



Driving more guests to hotels

With more than 4,250 properties, Hilton needs to drive efficient hotel bookings at scale. Hotel Ads help it stay nimble with the ability to vary its bids by hotel, market, user country or even device.

"Having full integration enables us to flex participation by hotel, based on need periods and market conditions," says Dustin Bomar, vice president, digital acquisition, Hilton Worldwide.

Hotel Ads complement other search ads that target travellers throughout the purchase journey by appearing to travellers who are closer to booking a hotel. Compared to traditional search ads, Hilton has seen conversion rates increase by 45% and ROI by 12%.*

* Compared to Hilton's traditional search ads campaigns

Note: The term "Hilton" refers to Hilton Worldwide or to one or more of its affiliates.

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