How Champneys and Accord Marketing grew gift voucher sales around Christmas

August 2018

With consumers often looking to treat their loved ones to a relaxing escape in the lead-up to Christmas, Champneys found that winter is a key sales period for their gift vouchers. To take full advantage of this, they tasked their marketing agency Accord with delivering a Google Ads campaign that would boost gift voucher sales over the festive season.

About Champneys

Chain of four health spa resorts and six city spas

Founded: 1925

Head office in Tring, Hertfordshire

About Accord Marketing

Google Premier Partner agency

Founded: 1988

Offices in London, Manchester and Devon


Boost gift voucher sales over Christmas period


Used Google’s Keyword Planner to select keywords

Implemented sitelinks, call outs, location and review extensions

Ran remarketing lists for search ads

Monitored ads search terms report to inform optimisations


26% click-through rate

25% conversion rate

69.5% lower cost per conversion than overall account average

Using a combination of Google’s Keyword Planner and their own experience in the leisure and tourism marketing sector, Accord carefully selected keywords relating to spa gift card and voucher sales. They then implemented multiple ad extensions, including sitelinks, call outs, location and review extensions.

They also ran remarketing lists for search ads, tailoring bids to target those who had visited the Champneys website in the last 30 days and were on site for more than 10 minutes. Throughout the campaign, Accord regularly monitored Champneys’ ads search terms report to introduce more negative keywords, eliminate irrelevant clicks and fully optimise the campaign.

The strategy delivered above and beyond Champneys’ objectives, achieving an impressive account click-through rate of 26% and conversion rate of 25%. Importantly, these sales were achieved with cost efficiency: thanks to improved ad quality scores, the campaign’s cost per conversion came in at 69.5% lower than the overall account average.

“This campaign is a perfect example of how Google Ads can be used to achieve real, measurable business success. By targeting highly relevant audiences, carefully selecting the most cost-efficient keywords and following Google best practice, our specialist paid search team secured an incredible conversion rate of 25%, which significantly boosted Champneys’ gift voucher sales over the festive period.”

- Sally Winfield (CEO), Accord

“We are delighted with the results of this gift voucher campaign. Using a finely-tuned combination of analytics, best practice and creative innovation, Accord devised a comprehensive Google Ads campaign that has surpassed our expectations. Thanks to this activity, we were not only able to increase our gift voucher sales, but we were also able to do so in a significantly more cost-effective manner.”

- Stephanie Rackley (Senior Marketing Manager), Champneys

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