How Kaymu automated Search Ads to boost performance

July 2015

Online shopping community Kaymu operates their business in 32 countries in Africa and Asia. Combining the new Dynamic Search Ad category targeting and Conversion Optimiser, they improved return on ad spend by 16%.


Drive traffic and conversions

Generate brand awareness


Initiated real-time buying of search advertising across search activities in 32 countries and 10 languages

Adopted Dynamic Search Ads category targeting in AdWords

Embraced Conversion Optimiser


16% more return on ad spend

13% growth in conversions

35% increase in conversion rate

7% reduction in cost per acquisition

Fourfold reduction in time required for search campaign management

Kaymu's marketing efforts in those countries are managed by a team of only two people. Saving time in campaign creation and optimisation is critical. To boost performance and enable efficiency gains through the power of real-time bidding, Kaymu embraced Dynamic Search Ads together with Conversion Optimiser.

"The setup was really easy," Jeremy Legrand -Head of SEM- reveals. "Our Google Account Manager sent me a CSV file with all the new categories, and then I just uploaded everything and created customised ads for each category. Now, Dynamic Search Ads can crawl our website and our customer queries to match everything and automatically create all categories."

This new setup was made even more efficient thanks to AdWords automated bidding. "Dynamic Search Ads combined with Conversion Optimiser creates a real synergy," Jeremy affirms. "It allows us to save a lot of time on optimisations because you just put in your target cost per acquisition, and then the only optimisations you have to do are traffic qualifications."

The automated setup has brought Kaymu 16% more return on ad spend than their previous DSA and keyword setup. It also saved valuable working hours. Jeremy estimates that Dynamic Search Ads allows a fourfold reduction in the time required to create, optimise and manage campaigns. "Indeed, we strongly believe that in the near future more advertisers will choose Dynamic Search Ads over keyword targeting and that Google will be able to build even stronger performance campaigns based only on our website content and internet users' queries."

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