Looking beyond keywords: Getting started

March 2015

We sat down with Ben Wood from iProspect, Khurram Hamid of GlaxoSmithKline and Steve Chester from the IAB UK, and heard a resounding message: Don't hesitate, start today. The sooner advertisers start testing and experimenting with applying audience targeting in their search campaigns, the sooner they'll tap into valuable insights to tailor their campaigns for their audience.

We wanted to uncover advice on how to start making the most of the opportunities, so we put an agency, an advertiser and an industry body for digital advertising in the hot seat.

As one expert said, "Today, because it's nascent, it's those brands right at the cutting edge that are really leaning into this... but in 6 month's time, in 12 month's time.. this isn't something you can't be doing."

Watch the video for more advice, and hear experts referring to case studies of advertisers who have already implemented audience insights into their search campaigns.


Looking beyond keywords: A framework for success