is winning the engagement stakes with Showcase Shopping Ads

November 2018 wanted to drive more qualified traffic to its site, enabling consumers to easily discover, browse and buy from the brand’s range of furniture and accessories for the home. While had previously used Product Shopping ads, the team took the decision to test a new approach through Showcase Shopping ads.


Home furniture and accessories

Launched in 2010

Headquarters in London


Drive upper-funnel site traffic

Engage consumers in the inspiration phases


Launched Shopping Showcase ads


Shopping Showcase ads produced:

1.52% click-through rate (compared to 1.18% for Product Shopping ads)

18% more pages per session than average non-brand site visitor

15% lower bounce rate

59% are new visitors

“Showcase Ads are a more engaging format compared to normal Product Shopping ads, helping us drive brand awareness as they appear higher up the marketing funnel.”

– Danielle Emmons, Senior SEM Executive,

Product Shopping ads are designed to advertise individual products. In contrast, Showcase Shopping ads let advertisers group together a selection of related products and present them together to introduce the brand or business, giving consumers the chance to discover products in a visually rich, fully curated experience. These ads help the user decide where to buy when they search for more general terms like “furniture”.

With Showcase Shopping ads, gained the ability to show relevant products together with a selection of their lifestyle images representing the brand. Whenever a user clicked one of their Showcase Shopping ads, it expanded to reveal products that were most relevant to the user’s search terms.

Showcase Shopping ads use maximum CPE (cost per engagement) bidding, which means that simply set the highest amount that they were willing to pay for an engagement. They were then charged when someone expanded their Showcase Shopping ad and spent 10 seconds within the ad or clicked a product or link in the expanded ad before then. conducted numerous tests of different Showcase Shopping ads to improve performance, which more than paid off. Shopping Showcase ads produced a 1.52% click-through rate (compared to 1.18% for their Product Shopping ads) and 1.85% engagement rate.’s attribution model divides their activity into 27 marketing channels, with the first touchpoint seen as key to influencing new customers. is able to attribute 70% of the conversion value back to the first click for Showcase Ads.

“Showcase Ads are a more engaging format compared to normal Product Shopping ads”, says Senior SEM Executive Danielle Emmons, “helping us drive brand awareness as they appear higher up the marketing funnel.”

Looking ahead to next steps, plans to tailor the bidding logic for their Showcase Shopping and Product Shopping ads. “We’ve also created audiences from our Showcase Shopping ad campaigns to use in our remarketing campaigns”, Danielle reveals.

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