NMPi and Dune London boost Shopping ads revenue 72% with DoubleClick

April 2018

The Goals

Drive YoY revenue growth through shopping campaigns while improving ROAS

Optimise time savings by leveraging DoubleClick data-driven attribution and bid automation

The Approach

Refined Shopping ads campaign segmentation structure (device, product type, high traffic products) by deploying DoubleClick adaptive shopping

Applied a comprehensive set of Search labels to cover main campaign types, reflecting the business needs

Implemented data-driven attribution alongside ROAS target bid strategy

The Results

80% increase in traffic for Shopping campaigns

Only 18% increase in investment for Shopping campaigns

84% increase in sales from Shopping campaigns

72% growth in Shopping campaigns revenue

44% improvement in Shopping campaigns ROAS

NMPi and Dune stepped up their paid search strategy in the highly competitive fashion footwear and accessories market. Realising that over 25% of their conversion paths had more than one touchpoint and over 50% of their sales had at least one interaction with Shopping ads campaigns, they concluded that last click was undervaluing Shopping campaigns.

The team at NMPi got off on the right foot. They refined the structure of the Dune Shopping activity by segmenting the campaigns by device, product type and traffic volume. In addition to this segmentation, the entire Dune paid search account was labelled with five channel groupings: Brand, Brand-Generics, Generics, Product and Shopping; in line with Dune digital business measurement goals.

With these five channel groupings, data driven attribution in DoubleClick Search was set with automated rules in place to automatically apply the channel grouping labels to newly created campaigns. Confident of the right campaign segmentation, comprehensive channel grouping and insights from DoubleClick Search data-driven attribution, the final step was to set a ROAS target bid strategy to deliver 44% ROI improvement YoY for the Dune Shopping activity.

"At NMPi, we use DoubleClick Search because features like data-driven attribution make it easy for us to implement market leading strategies with our clients, like Dune London. Combining algorithmic bid strategies with intelligent attribution helped us achieve unprecedented success through Shopping ads. It also streamlined our workload, allowing us to assign resource to the areas where human curation matters the most."

- Andy Warby, Account Manager, NMPi

"As a business, a priority for 2017 was to drive revenue from new customers at the top of the search funnel. I've been very happy with NMPi's approach, using data-driven attribution within DoubleClick Search to more accurately measure and optimise our Shopping activity to capture these users."

- Mark Blenkinsop, Head of Performance Marketing, Dune

About Dune London

The Dune Group is one of the most influential global players in fashion footwear and accessories. Based in London, Dune has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry and has grown through a passion and dedication to excellence in product development and in-house design, and through a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

About NMPi

NMPi is an international digital marketing agency with offices in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. With over 14 years of experience in delivering award-winning, digital strategies, NMPi provides a holistic approach to digital advertising which combines innovative technology and a talented team of data-driven analysts.

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