Online engagement and FMCG spend in the UK

August 2012

Consumers often research online and purchase offline — a behavior we call ROPO. In a 2011 study, we found that 64% of U.K. shoppers spent significant time engaged in this behavior before making major purchases (vs. 50% in 2008). We think a major reason for this is that it's a convenient way for users to shop around for the best deal possible.

This study looks at ROPO (research online purchase offline) behaviour in UK FMCG sector, focusing on FMCG searchers and those who have visited a grocery retail online site. The study combines single source data for online behaviors and offline purchases in those categories.

Key Findings:

  • In 2011, 64% of UK internet users spent significant time researching brands before making a major purchase (vs. 50% in 2008).
  • 47% of main shoppers visit grocery retailer websites and 72% search for FMCG related terms. Two thirds of main shoppers search for Food & Drink related terms, half search for Beauty information.
  • Main shoppers who Search & Visit spend +13% more in-store than those who do neither.
  • Main shoppers who search for FMCG information online are younger, more affluent and have larger households.
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