Online research, offline purchasing of financial services

September 2011

In Poland, people prefer to purchase financial services in person, but the majority start the process online - 63%, to be specific. While meeting face-to-face seals the deal, early in the process shoppers turn to the internet to save time and get a wide range of information. The most common way to begin the process is through a search engine - 39% - followed by typing an address directly into the browser.

This study will help you understand the online research, offine purchasing of financial services.

Key findings:

  • ROPO effect clearly evident with 63% conducting research online before buying offline.
  • Online sources more important than traditional media, but direct contact is overwhelmingly the most important within the financial services cateogory.
  • Online important throughout purchase process, but particularly during the early stages where it overshadows direct contact
  • Online considered both highly useful — significantly more so than traditional media — and credible.
  • Time saving and the breadth of information online are key
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