Open University winning on the international stage

February 2015

Open University, with a long tradition of disrupting markets, recently set their sights abroad. One of the first steps they took was to use Google Global Market Finder to help plan international growth. They then used a combination of AdWords, GDN and DoubleClick Bid Manager, underpinned by real time optimisation with Google Analytics, to expand rapidly and successfully across the globe. The website has had 3.5 million international visitors in the last 18 months and 10% of their students are now international.


Used Google Global Market Finder to help plan international expansion

Scaled tailored AdWords and Google Display Network campaigns to targeted counties

Used real-time bidding with DoubleClick Bid Manager

Optimised campaigns with Google Analytics


Expand into international markets

Share learning materials with the largest possible audience


3.5 million international visitors from 120+ countries to website in 18 months

10% of students now international

Searching for the way