Search for cars and find dealerships

October 2016

As part of the SEAT Germany Dealer Search Strategy, for the first time a direct link between online generated leads, sales of new and used cars, along with Aftersales services was proven. In addition, SEAT achieved an increase in the visibility, and thus a better coverage of relevant search queries for participating dealerships.


Central Search Engine Advertising for SEAT Dealerships

AdWords ads with geo-targeting, click-to-call extension, Directions and tracking numbers

Tracking tool measuring online leads to sale

Ongoing optimization of campaigns


Increase the visibility of local SEAT dealerships

Secure presence on first search results with local SEAT Dealerships on relevant searches

Demonstrate that the purchase of new cars, used cars, and services is due to the PPC campaign


Local ad visibility: +95%

Every 2nd lead resulted in an appointment at the dealership

12% of leads ended in a sale

Number of new customers among all generated customers: 95%

Cost per Lead: <33% of the expected cost

Renault, Publicis, OMD and Google join forces to boost family business by using Google platforms in Italy