Search trends: Rio Olympics 2016

August 2016

The Olympic Games are more than medals and scores. They are a series of unexpected moments — awe-inspiring, nail-biting, cheer-out-loud moments — that spark interest across the globe. In these moments, people are turning to their devices, searching to learn more. See the sports, athletes and events that are capturing attention the world over.

Day 14

Olympic 14 Site

Day 13

Olympic 13 Site

Day 12

Olympics 12

Day 11

Olympics 11

Day 10

Fans who searched weightlifting were hungry to learn more about Kendrick Farris’ vegan diet.


Day 9

Phelps becomes the most searched swimmer of all time.

Olympics Day9

Day 8

Most searched Olympic sport by country.

Olympic Map

Day 7

Olympics Day7 Site

Day 6

Olympics Day6 Site

Day 5

Bikes and bites. People who are hungry for cycling are also searching for rice cakes.

Olympics Day5

Day 4

As the equestrian events picked up pace, so did searches for “horse riding near me.”

Olympics Day4

Day 3

Alpine beach? Switzerland searches “beach volleyball” more than any other country.

Olympics Day3

Day 2

Viewing parties are searched over 700% more now than during previous Olympic Games.

Olympics Day2

Day 1

Samba lessons shimmy past ballet lessons in search by almost 500% during the Rio Opening Ceremonies.

Olympics Day1

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