Unlocking opportunities: Find what matters to your customers

September 2019

Your customers are searching for all sorts of things. Sometimes for the small stuff, sometimes for the big stuff, and sometimes for things they need ‘right now’. Whether it's the ‘colour of the year’ (which for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ by the way) or their latest holiday destination – people take search personally and they expect immediate answers. This is reshaping the traditional marketing funnel and marketers need to adapt their approach too.

At its core, marketing is about figuring out how to serve and solve people’s needs. Drawing on our recent research, we uncovered the six canonical consumer needs: ‘Surprise Me’, ‘Help Me’, ‘Reassure Me’, ‘Educate Me’, ‘Impress Me’, ‘Thrill Me’ – these present a real opportunity for marketers to sift through the signals and predict intent.

Where to start? Take inspiration and refresh your thinking with our Search Excellence Playbook, which focuses on four areas: 'Grow my business', 'Measure success', 'Increase market share' and 'Spend more efficiently’.

The more you find what matters to your customers, the more you’ll find what matters to your business – and the more opportunities you’ll uncover to generate growth.

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