Watch Chabuddy G in our new four-part series ‘Search Like a G’

November 2018

For 20 years, Google Search has been revolutionising the way we find things. While the world-changing difference this has made to businesses and their customers might be clear to those in the know, there are still some in the dark about how Search can transform business, so we’ve invited a friend to help inspire us all.

To mark Google’s 20th Anniversary, we met with the UK’s favourite zone six entrepreneur Chabuddy G to create a special mockumentary.

Setting the scene: As CEO of the UK’s first dial-up internet cabin cafe, Chabuddy G knows a thing or two about the digital business landscape. Join him, as he gets to grips with Search advertising. It’s time to ‘Search Like a G’.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
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