5 ways for planners to get more from YouTube

November 2015

The holiday season is a mission-critical period for non-profit organizations to reach new supporters and drive donations. The decision to make a charitable donation requires careful consideration, and donors are increasingly turning to digital. In a recent study, we explored when and how people use the web to make these important decisions, and how non-profits can influence their path to donation.

4% of media spend budget should be allocated from TV budgets to YouTube to optimise campaigns targeting 16-34 men and women. This insight is derived from the Extra Reach Tool which is one of five new ways to make the most of YouTube advertising. Hear from Pete Cory, of Google on how this tool works together with clear explanation of how Google Preferred, Brand Lift Surveys, Trueview for Shopping and Customer Match can improve campaign effectiveness.
30% of advertisers who use Google Preferred are new to YouTube


- Peter Cory, Agency Sales Director, Google

YouTube and the evolution of planning