Ad placements

March 2018

Ad Targeting

Connect with the right people. Use Google's affinity audiences to reach users who are passionate about a certain topic and in-market audiences to reach users with specific purchase intent. Put your own data to work with Customer Match, Similar Audiences, or Remarketing.


Bumper Ads

Say it in six seconds. Capture short attention spans and mobile viewers with quick, snackable ads to keep your message top-of-mind.


Google Preferred

Advertise amongst the top 5% of YouTube’s most popular channels. Choose a lineup that helps you connect with your target audience—Beauty and Fashion, Entertainment and Pop Culture, Foods and Recipes, and more—and reach your customers where they’re most engaged.



Give your brand the star treatment. Feature your video on the homepage of the world's #1 video site on both desktop and mobile. Create a custom interactive display or make a video masthead.


Sponsorships and Ad Packages

Integrate your message. YouTube’s massive reach can get your product in front of the millions of viewers who subscribe to top channels. Own exclusive share-of-voice media and reach a massive built-in audience.

TrueView Discovery Ads

Target your audience and pay per click. Ads for your videos appear alongside other videos, in YouTube search pages, or websites on the Google Display Network. You only pay if a viewer chooses to watch.


TrueView In-Stream

Define your audience with ads. They appear before or during a video on YouTube, and viewers have five seconds to decide to watch or skip. You only pay if people keep watching for at least 30 seconds or until the end of the ad—whichever comes first.


 VR & 360

Give your audience an active role. Tell an immersive story with 360° video or virtual reality content that brings viewers inside your world and gives them the tools to move around and control the experience. Take it to the next level with Google Cardboard or a device enabled with Google Daydream.


Understanding the YouTube ecosystem