Beko Drives Purchase Consideration by Delivering Relevant Ads, in Sequence

June 2018

Laundry dryers are a relatively new product category in Turkey and Beko, a Turkish appliance and consumer electronics brand, was looking for ways to effectively explain the benefits of its dryer to potential customers. Many brands have products with multiple benefits, and often wonder whether to include all them in one ad or break them up into individual messages. Beko tried the latter strategy, and it worked.

About Beko

Appliance and consumer electronics

Headquarters in Istanbul


Promote benefits of Beko dryers

Increase product consideration


Converted one 30-second TV commercial into five bumper ads

Highlighted one key benefit of Beko’s dryers in each ad

Ran bumper ads in sequence on YouTube

Showed ads to users during key life events (moving and marriage)


53% uplift in organic searches among those who viewed the sequence

212% uplift in ad recall among those who viewed the sequence

13% uplift in purchase consideration among men who viewed the sequence

3X greater uplift in ad recall than any other Beko Brand Lift study

When it comes to digital video advertising, many brands rely on just one asset – often their TV spot. While that’s a great starting point, it’s only scratching the surface. The team at Beko wanted to challenge the norm by experimenting with online video assets and unique audiences to launch their new dryer in the Turkish market.

With dryers a new product category in Turkey, Beko needed to effectively build associations with its audience around the core product benefits in order to start the sales process. “Being able to successfully communicate product benefits in a way which builds associations in the mind of the consumer is an age-old challenge for brands”, says Selis Aykan, Beko Senior Digital Marketing Specialist. “We wanted to find a way that cut through with our audience."

Beko understood that listing all of the benefits in a single 30-second spot would actually make each one less memorable, so they decided to break out each of the benefits to create a set of six-second bumper ads that would run individually, but as part of a sequence, powered by YouTube's Video Ad Sequencing beta.

The innovative approach paid off hugely and has already changed the way Beko is planning their online video strategy moving forward. The campaign delivered a 53% uplift in organic searches among those who viewed the sequence versus 22% among those who viewed the longer TV commercial. What’s more, the campaign produced a 13% uplift in purchase consideration among men exposed to the full sequence of benefits.

For brands hoping to take their online video ads beyond the single TV ad spot, Beko’s success story offers two key lessons.

1: Plan for attention: Break up longer assets and sequence them

Attention online is a commodity, and planning for it is crucial to success. Beko knew that simply listing all benefits in a longer form ad wouldn’t cut through, which is why they broke down their 30-second TV commercial into five separate bumper ads and served them in sequence.

The six-second bumper is the perfect vehicle to deliver brand messages quickly and efficiently. Bumpers enable brands to capture attention in today’s mobile-first environment and drive both efficient reach and frequency.

Meanwhile, Video Ad Sequencing allows advertisers to dynamically tell a story through a series of video ads on YouTube. People who are exposed to one piece of content are then eligible to see the next part of the story.

Beko used video ad sequencing to show each of their five different bumper ads in order, with each ad showcasing a unique aspect of Beko’s dryer – saving space, saving time, saving energy, enabling hygienic drying and making clothes easy to iron. This meant that instead of trying to fit all of that information into one spot, they could spread it out to deliver one really concise message at a time.

“Being able to use video sequencing to communicate our product benefits individually and in sequence helped us deliver a strong, consistent message to our audience over time”, Selis says. It’s a formula that really worked: among viewers of the sequence, Beko’s campaign produced a 212% uplift in ad recall, compared to a 26% uplift among for Beko’s standard TrueView campaigns.

2: Build consumer appeal: Reach unique audiences with relevant messaging

To capture people’s attention online, you have to be relevant. Beko strategically leveraged Life Events targeting on YouTube to serve their ads to people who were in the process of moving house or getting married.

“We knew that people in these two very important stages of their life would be receptive to our new range of dryers”, Selis explains, “thus allowing us to deliver our product to an audience who would find it relevant and useful.” By serving ads that were relevant to these groups of consumers, Beko saw an increase in ad recall that was three times higher than any other Brand Lift study the brand has ever run.

So what’s on the horizon for Beko in terms of YouTube? According to Metin Cherasi, the brand’s Head of Digital Strategy and Marketing, the proven effectiveness of this project has changed the way the company will use the platform and its features going forward. “Looking to the future, YouTube will take on a larger role in our media mix, helping to create awareness of our products and their core features”, he says.

The team is open to evolving their methods as new YouTube features are added. “Keeping users’ attention for the long term and giving many messages at once is hard to accomplish”, affirms says Gizem Gürbüz Kazak, Digital Brand Manager for ZER, Beko’s agency. “This means we will carry on designing approaches that take the opportunities that YouTube gives us into consideration.”

In a world where cutting through is difficult enough, being able to effectively communicate unique product benefits in a way that captures the attention of consumers is even harder. However, Beko and ZER are confident they’ve hit upon a winning solution. “After the success of this campaign, we know the rules of the game have changed”, says Ceren Yalı, Digital Strategy Executive at ZER. “YouTube is a way for us to play the new game by being able to tell our consumers a digital story that’s relevant to them.”

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