Google+ campaign sees Cadbury Creme Egg Content hit 7.9m views on social platforms

April 2014

As any chocoholic will tell you, Easter is one of the most important fixtures in the confectionary calendar. That fact of course isn't lost on Cadbury, an undisputed giant in the chocolate world. To stand out from the competition, Cadbury launched an exclusive campaign on Google+, harnessing all the features not available on any other social media platform.


Created Cadbury Kitchen Community

Launched #CremeEggBake campaign

Conducted Hangout on Air with celebrity chef Eric Lanlard

Promoted using new interactive social ad format +Posts

Curated photo album of recipe submissions

Stimulated excitement through Auto Awesome call-out videos


Generate brand engagement around critical Easter period


3 million organic views, 36,000 engagements on G+

3,000 comments, 5,000 shares and 28,000 +1s

Over 25,000 Auto Awesome video views

2.5% engagement rate from +Post Ads campaign

Building a brand in an age of hyper-targeted messaging