Cooking up a storm: 94% increase in brand awareness for LV= after Jamie Oliver's Food Tube partnership

February 2015

LV= decided to partner with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube to drive brand awareness and consideration. They launched a series of how-to videos and distributed them through TrueView and roadblocked main Food Tube channel.


Created partnership with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube

Launched series of six how-to videos

Distributed videos as TrueView ads through relevant prime packs and targeted demographics

Roadblocked main Food Tube channel and Jamie's individual channels


Drive brand awareness and consideration Expand existing social media presence

Drive both policy quotations and sales via YouTube

Drive both policy quotations and sales via YouTube


Unaided brand awareness increased by 94%

Significant levels of spontaneous recall of both YouTube ads and Jamie Oliver association

Over 2 million YouTube video views

Outperformed insurance norms on key metrics, generating over 22,000 quotes

As the UK's largest friendly society, LV= offers insurance, savings, investments and retirement plans. The society has over 5.5 million customers, 1.1 million of whom are members, and more than 6,000 employees working in 17 offices across the UK.

Time to tune in

LV= understood that YouTube is Google's largest branding space, and wanted to explore how it could utilise the platform to drive brand awareness and consideration at the top of the funnel, with the added benefit of being able to track quotes and sales at the bottom of the funnel. The team was also keen unlock the benefit of the near real time reporting that digital channels provide.

Importantly, we saw some of Jamie Oliver's key brand attributes being transferred to LV=, therefore achieving our top priority of measurement.

YouTube allows advertisers like LV= to reach the exact demographic that's most important to them. LV='s values, approach and target audience are very similar to those of YouTube content creator and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, so the team decided to create a campaign around LV= and Jamie Oliver targeted to consumers ages 35 and older. Based on a series of how-to videos for classic kitchen problems, the campaign would be measured on the brand and audience impact of LV='s association with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube.

Feast on this

Food Tube consulted its community for suggestions, which resulted in six videos from Jamie and his team. LV= exists to help its customers look after the things they love, and the videos that LV= and Jamie created together aimed to address the cooking niggles that people encounter daily, such as making the perfect poached egg, the perfect Yorkshire pudding or the lightest meringue.


These were released on consecutive Saturdays over the summer. To promote the content, LV= distributed the videos as TrueView ads across YouTube, especially through relevant prime packs and targeted demographics. This extended the videos' reach beyond the Food Tube environment, and ensured that LV='s key target audience saw them.

To make sure that LV= was the only advertiser on Food Tube during the campaign, LV= roadblocked the main channel and Jamie's individual channels. Then to engage the community further, LV= offered a£20 discount off new insurance policies as a reward to Food Tube viewers.



Proof in the pudding

Together with SPA Future Thinking, Google and LV= undertook research to measure the impact of the campaign on LV= brand metrics. The activity produced significant increases; unaided brand awareness of LV= increased by 94%, moving LV= ahead of several key competitors on this metric. There were also significant levels of spontaneous recall of both the advertising on YouTube and the association between Jamie Oliver and LV=. The ads were well received, outperforming insurance norms on key metrics such as cut-through and providing new information.

"Importantly, we also saw some of Jamie Oliver's key brand attributes being transferred to LV=, with significant increases in people associating the attributes "óinspiring', "óinformative', "ópersonable' and "óplayful' to LV=, therefore achieving our top priority of measurement," explains Joanna Williams, Digital Marketing Manager at LV=.

The campaign recorded over 2 million YouTube video views, representing a huge level of brand engagement. What's more, the activity generated over 22,000 quotes. Compared to display or generic search, LV='s YouTube campaign has been more engaging and cost effective with a higher conversion rate.

Overall, these represent great results for LV=. "Working with Google, we were able to build out a significant brand campaign with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube," Joanna says. "Google provided great support throughout the planning of the campaign and were there on hand to optimise throughout the execution phase. Together, we were able to leverage all of the data across the platform to feed into the media strategy in a real time basis."

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